Our little gem is an 1881 Italianate 3-story, Octagon Bank Barn located in Hudson, OH. It boasts about 8500 square feet over 3 floors.

The octagon barn was built by dairy farmers Hial and Milton C. Danforth in 1881. The Danforth family was from Vermont where dairy farming was prevalent. The barn was ingeniously designed to simultaneously feed all the Danforth cattle at one time.  The hay was pitched from the mow thru the center hole in the barn to the ground floor where the cattle had gathered to feed.


The barn was completely remodeled by Don Reisig in 1976. Allan Sveda was the architect. The barn was turned into an office building with three floors of usable space. It contained conference rooms along with kitchens and bathrooms, and housed the office of the Smithers Oasis Company, which makes water-holding floral foam. The former root cellar with its foot thick stone walls contained a vault. The barn has been put to many uses throughout the years. It formerly served as boat storage, an antique auction house and a meeting place for Civil Air Patrol in World War II. Prior to its renovation in 1976, the barn's only tenants were pigeons.

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5100 Darrow Road

Hudson, OH 44236


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